Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Our Birmingham high class escorts

Historically, skilled courtesans and high class escorts have prevailed through the ages both in and out of the UK. From early religious scholar interpretations of Mary Madeline to the high society Georgian courtesans on Harris's List of Covent garden Ladies, demand has always existed from the well heeled gentry seeking companionship services from a special breed of escort – the high class escort!
Such gentlemen desire more than just base level physical intimacy and search for a cultured and educated escort that can excite them on all levels. As a prestigious Birmingham escort agency we understand quality matters in the intense interplay of psychological, intellectual and primal urges.  A classy upmarket escort stimulates all the senses in an orchestra of passion and lust!  We call this the girl friend experience at Agency Femme Fatale, something we really excel in!
Just like their Georgian counterparts, our exclusive escort companions in Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester limit their escort liaisons to a select few gentlemen. Our clients really love the fact our ladies are not full time escorts AND they are not driven by economic hardship but rather just do this on the side as an-add on to their already successful career and inject some kinky adventures into their life. Our well rounded and balanced ladies maintain real lives outside their escorting adventures which is what keeps them fresh, free of hard edges in character and still excited by every booking!
If you’re looking for more than just your garden variety of escort, a classy educated companion with the wit and charm to disarm you and make you forget you’re even with an escort then you need to book a Femme Fatale! - Classy Birmingham and Midlands Escorts

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Femme Fatale Escorts

Femme Fatale escorts are skilled in the art of seduction
An elite breed of Birmingham and Midlands Escorts to covet your affection.
To act out your fantasies and fulfil your heart desire
Book us for an hour or have us all night on hire
Girlfriend experience, Role play or maybe a spot of domination?
We'll do what you ask without a moments hesitation

We are your souls of discretion, a safe place to unburden your troubles
Book us on your own or we can also cater for couples
"Painted nails, smokey eyes, a corset and a bit of tie and tease"
"But it's really important that you are not late please!"

We must be freshly made up and calm and by the way 'can you make it here in thirty minutes?'
"And Id like you to wear something super sexy that really shows off your tits"

Be engaging, be smart but definitely not smarter than him!
It's ok to have a view but being too clever's a sin

"Can you arrive wearing a short skirt, low cut top and hair in pig tails? Oh and please be discreet!"
Not that easy when you're unsure where the lifts are and the room where we'll meet
We must avoid detection, slip in unnoticed by staff
Too late..."Excuse me, can I help you?" I hear the manager ask
"No thank you, just trying to get a signal on my phone." I say in reply
I'm feigning a call.. hoping she believes my lie

As I get in the lift I am grateful its just me
Looking lost in a hotel is not good if people see
Then in jumps 2 business men just before the doors shut
'Will they guess what i'm here for and think 'what a slut?'"
So relieved when I see them push the button for another floor.
Now they'll not see me trying to find the right door

I've found the right room and im overcome with nerves.
Feeling the tightness of my basque intended to maximize my curves
As he opens the door I see a warm smile and a kind face
"This is going to be a good booking" the nice businessmen says

A smile followed by a polite kiss on the cheek
The game has begun. Time to turn up the heat!
I might be marked for my looks as well as performance.
The pressure is on to deliver the perfect girlfriend experience..
The best Birmingham and Midlands escorts go to Agency Femme Fatale
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